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I’ve been a certified personal trainer for one and a half years but I’ve been training adolescents for seven. Though I do total body training, my specialty is Core (Abs); through proper form and training I help my clients build muscle and burn fat.

Workout Without Weights!

The Four Important Rules

Always remember to breathe: Sometimes when we are in the middle of exercise we may forget

to breath. Certain exercise you have to exhale on the harder parts(eg: when pushing up doing a

push up) and inhale on the easier parts(lowering self from push up)

Form is VERY important: If you do an exercise wrong it can result in an injury as well as your

body may not develop right in certain exercise your doing over a long period.

Take it slow: Minus cardio/aerobics, most exercise is best performed slowly. Going slow will

work the muscle more and make you stronger.

Fail: Key to good workout is failure. Push yourself until you can do no more. I’m not talking

about injuring yourself but maybe you can do two extra reps.

Four Different Types of Exercise

  • Cardio targets your heart: Butt kicks for 2-5mins(slow just to start warming up). 1 minute of high speed running in place with a hurdle jump, then 1 minute of low speed running in place(repeat 5-10times).

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